Are you learning effectively ?

I draw you attention to the YouTube  On Preparing the Student Mind (below).

This video (32min. Prezi) gives brief, flying overview of the essential skills, habits and behaviors necessary to develop if you wish to become a more successful student (regardless of ability).

No need to view it all at once. I would suggest to watch Part 1 now (approx 12 mins.)
and then Part 2 on another occasion.

Part 1. Covers most skills for students and a few handy learning and study tips.

Part 2. is about gaining a better worldview and an understanding of yourself and others. This aims to help you become a better decision maker, resist being lead by others and gain good self-discipline. 

"I know who I am, where I fit in, that I am needed and I know what I want"

Well do you ? 

Part 2 - Exploring the Inner Mind to the Outer Limits !

Gaining a better awareness, outlook and balance through considering :

  • A Sense of Perspective; [Outer Limits] Looking at where we fit in on the grand scale of things - size, distance, time and our place. We are just a life-form on our tiny planet. Mysterious, wonderful but insignificant in the big picture.
  •  A Sense of Place: [Nothing really changes] A Thought Experiment. Human activity over time. Designed to increase awareness of society, patterns of living and rituals - from generation to generation.
  • Meaning and Purpose: [The Big Questions.] Where do I fit in ? What role will I play ? What is important ? Do I matter ? Does the world need me ? Is there a future for me ?
  • Self and Others: [Getting along] Self, personalities and relationships.
  • Inner Self: [Inner Mind] Self-examination. Partiality,  biases, temptations, distractions - barriers to learning.
 How  do these thoughts, awareness, self-examination and experiences help me ?

 Well .. as an uncertain student trying to "gain traction" this mental exploration should help your overall learning effort and determination by:
  • Developing a better Worldview
  • Building motivation
  • Increase understanding
  • Greater interest and curiosity
  • Better sense of direction
  • Boost you study effort
  • Achieve better results
  • Enjoy more stable friendships

Now you may feel more confident to say ...

"I know who I am, where I fit in, that I am needed and I know what I want"
I hope that you find something helpful in this YouTube video !
(A Prezi presentation)

       The is no magic wand !!

Observe, think and practice - and so over time you should become a stronger, more independent and balanced learner and member of society.

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