(Just getting going on this .... eventually I will speak on all essential learning skills, habits and behaviours meanwhile a few quick offerings)

Edutopia (excellent)

Edweek (very good)

rdWeb Techtools for the classroom (excellent)

Society of Biology Blog (very interesting material)

ScienceBlogs (excellent)

Reflections of a High School Maths Teacher

Brain Science
Energizing Brain Breaks

Debunking Brain Myths (excellent)

Study Skills
23 ways to help learning (very general but mostly good advice)

How to Study Blog (well worth a visit)

Study Skill Tips for Parents (worth a look)

How to Master a New Skill (very good)

100 Self-Help & Study Skills for Students with ADD (Jack Milgram)

How to Listen (Good classroom skill)

Learning Journal (good description)

Mind Skills 
Deric Bownds MindBlog (excellent)

 Litemind (a few good areas - the author reveals nothing of himself)

Visualization Skills

Thinking Mistakes

Mental Skills Training (interesting blog - mental skills can also apply to learners)

Habits and Behaviours
The Discipline of Innovation (business oriented but worth a look)

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