Thinking and Reasoning Practice

  • Task. Consider these two well know expressions:
Steak on the plate while you wait or pie in the sky when you die ?
Work head without complaint in this life, for your rewards shall be in the next life !

Reflect on these statements.

First, consider each one individually and reflect on them for while. Then perhaps jot down your thoughts. As a guide for you only (no right or wrong here) ask yourself a few questions such as : How could you interpret the meaning of each expression ? What message do you think they convey ? Why ? Who do you think would use such expressions ? Why do you think these expressions came about ? When do you think they arose ? Do you agree with the messages ? How well do you think people regard the messages today ? And so on ..

 Secondly, Compare and contrast the expressions (again there are no right and wrong here). For example; Do the expressions complement or oppose each other or neither ? What would someone who identifies with one expression say about the other ? Consider them for various points of view (eg. philosophical, political, religious,corporate, cultural). What arguments could be made in supporting or opposing one expression or the other from the different viewpoints ?

From time to time practice a little in-depth thinking and reflection. Helps you to explore for deeper meanings which may lead to better understanding ! Surely that must be a good thing for you ... ? Or is it ?

Over to you now ....

  • Task. Tie a piece of string about 2 metres long to the handle of a teacup. Tie the other end to a hook in the ceiling so the cup hangs freely suspended.
You must cut the middle of the string with a pair of scissors but the cup must not fall to the floor.
You are not allowed to hold the cup or touch the string while it is being cut.How would you do this ?